Relationships: How jealousy can get you into trouble


Many of us are in love with people who like to check our phones or tabs but don’t want theirs checked. If you’re so into looking into your lover’s privacy, this one is for you…

Jealousy is sort of a good thing when you channel in the right direction. I mean, it isn’t a bad thing to sometimes get jealous when you see your partner with someone else in a not so pleasing position. But then, it becomes a terrible thing when you take it way over the top probably due to insecurities, anger and all sort.

Unfortunately for the lady in this post, she got jealous in the wrong direction. You know, I don’t even understand why people go through their partner’s chats and messages in the first place, for goodness sake, he isn’t even your husband yet. Well, as if going through his messages wasn’t bad enough, she decides to reply and yeah, she got what she deserved.

Source: Pulse