Mazi encourages Nigerians to buy locally made products

Mazi Ohuabunwa:

Many notable Nigerians are calling on the populace to patronise goods mad locally. Lending his voice to the call is Mazi Ohuabunwa…

Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, a board member of the Proudly Nigerian Campaign , has called on Nigerians to patronise Made-in-Nigeria products and services.

Ohuabunwa, who spoke during the presentation of the Certificate of Recognition to him for his contribution to economy of the country  said: “The truth is that Nigeria is our country. If we want it to be good, we will make it good. If we want it to be developed, we play a role to make it developed. If we want it to be a peaceful country, everybody has a role to play from the government to the people.

“The government should always take a lead in the campaign for locally made goods, and then the people will follow. We must have the ownership of our nation. One way to show that ownership is to patronize what we make in our own country. We should be people who eat Nigerian food, who wear the clothes, who use Nigerian products: medicines, bags, shoes and furniture.

“Made-in-Nigeria products should be patronized by our people because that is the only way to grow our economy and create wealth. We need a lot of economic activities; we need people to think Nigeria when it comes to making investment.

“Therefore, we must moderate our appetite for foreign goods and services. Those countries developed by using their own services and patronizing their own products. That is what we are saying in this mission ‘Proudly Nigerian’. We must be proud of our products and we encourage government to do whatever it takes to make every Nigerian proud of belonging to his nation”.