Top best secrets of breaking through as a freelancer




Truth is; there is no end to learning. I’m still learning how to succeed in the freelance world.

I didn’t envisage a lot of challenges when I began to search for writing jobs initially. However, with many companies turning me down, I had to face the hard truth – most budding writers will face fresh challenges when seeking to make it in the writing field. For me, the following points contributed greatly to my success as an up and coming writer.

Preference: I was quick to realize the best option for me. I had engaged in different kinds of jobs in the past. Some of those were so demeaning and intolerable to my brain power that I had to resign from the companies in a hurry. It took me some time to realize that the happy vocation for me in life is writing. By the time I convinced myself of the best choice before me, I acted on it, though there were other distractions that when observed from a different perspective seemed better than taking writing as a lifelong vocation.

Perseverance: Next to preference was perseverance. There were times I felt like dropping the idea of being a writer and sticking to another job. Some acquaintances may try to dissuade you that being a writer is a path to self-induced starvation. Please don’t buy that idea. There are many writers out there making six figure incomes every month! One thing that helped me to persevere was the fact that I had worked in different capacities in the past without having any sort of satisfaction. There are so many jobs that offer instant monetary compensation but the most important thing for anyone in life is to seek one’s topmost interests. There’s hardly any other way to happiness.

Focus: Now, for the budding writer, being able to focus is one of the hardest hurdles to be scaled. Take for example, the act of searching for a job. As a writer, I’ve been turned down by many publishing houses such as newspapers or magazines. Then I got a job as an office assistant in a top-notched telecommunications company. I took the job because I was at the brink of starvation but was ever alert to keep searching for a new freelance writing job. I got one sooner than I thought I would. Whatever you’re doing now, you must realize that your priority (writing) comes first. Don’t stop searching; don’t stop looking.

By combining these three methods, you can be sure to get and keep a writing job that will sustain you in the long run. I’ve been at the writing job I got after resigning from the telecommunications company for three years now. In addition to the joy and satisfaction I get from my freelance writing job, I supplement my earnings by making money online through my blog.