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Marketing Android Apps

The smart phone is used by many people because you can download apps to it. There are many kinds of apps that can be downloaded. If you want to have guide in cooking what you can do is to get a cooking app that contains different healthy recipes. If you want to enjoy classical music then you can download an app that plays that. Those who have young kids to take care of and would like to use tablets can let them access age-appropriate apps that are educational.

The most popular apps are social media apps. Many people download this because this lets them interact with other people online. That is why you would see that the number of downloads for these apps have reached millions already. Now there are two kinds of apps that you can find when it comes to price. The first one is the one that does not charge anything for it to be downloaded. On the other hand, the other one comes with a cost. The kind of app that people download on their smart phone will depend on what they need or want.

The people who make these apps are termed as mobile app developers. Maybe you are a mobile app developer yourself. Maybe you have just finished an android app that took you a few months to make. What steps do you take then to market your app?
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Well what you can do is to tell all your friends about the app that you have developed. If you firmly believe that the app you have made is a nice app that would be useful or interesting then you can readily share it to your friends and family members. You can give invitation to them for them to download your app and use it. When they tell you that they will download it you can request them to also give you feedback about it. Your friends will be open to share with you their thoughts on your app. When you get useful feedback you can apply that to make changes to your app.
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You can also promote your app in your social media. You create an interesting one-liner about your app so that people will be curious about it and download it.

The next level of marketing is to pay for app promotion services. People who give this service know a lot about mobile app marketing. They have strategic marketing campaigns for the people who come to them seeking for help in promoting their apps. If you want to see their sample work you can ask it from them.