Buhari’s fight against kwaruption!

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Buhari: medianet.info


Finally, fuel will be sold at *85 Naira per litre* from *Thursday June 1st; 2017*!!!

President Buhari made it clear 2 hours ago on a private interview in London, that fuel will be sold at *85 Naira per litre* starting from *Thursday June 1st; 2017*.

President Buhari also said that, the issue of Naira falling in value will be resolved in less than a week. He made it clear that by the time the naira issue is resolved, *100 Naira will = 1Dollar* and that will be in 3 weeks from now, *

President Buhari also said that he promised to change Nigeria at the right time and that right time is now.

He also wanted to talk about corruption, but my *TV* exploded immediately after he mentioned the Word, *”kwaruption “*

and that was when I woke up and discovered that it was all a *Dream*.

I sincerely apologise for playing with your emotions…Na fasting cause-am o

*Have a beautiful dream of a New Nigeria*