2017: Made in Nigeria brands that matter

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Since 2016’s unofficial mantra, ‘buy Naija to grow the naira’, has followed us into 2017 – and is still going strong – we, in collaboration with the African Artists’ Foundation, have decided to make you guys a list of seven made-in-Nigeria brands you need in your life.

The best thing about this list is that everyone on it will be conveniently gathered together at the AAF Super Sale & Designers Market – the art foundation’s first-ever pop-up market – on July 29.

AAF is still calling on other Nigerian brands to rent a stall at the pop-up market for ₦10,000. But till then, here are just some of the other brands you’ll be able to get at the event.

Kene Rapu
Founded in 2011, Kene Rapu Enterprise is a trendy footwear brand championing local production within Nigeria.

House Of Reola
If you’re a lover of thoughtfully-constructed bags, from leather to ankara, then House Of Reola should be right up your alley.

Keexs is Africa’s first-ever innovative and social-oriented footwear brand. And if that doesn’t sound cool enough, their shoes look great too.

Founded in 2015, 87Origins is a fashion and lifestyle brand creating affordable – and stylish – unisex outfits.

Jacaranda Craft
Jacaranda Craft is handmaking stylish leather jewellery. What’s not to love?

Asah Bara Designs
Asah Bara is transforming everyday items – like mugs, bowls and books – into tiny works of art; because you can never have too much art.

Hanker And Reech
If you’re a sucker for solid leather goods – from bags to belts – then Hanker And Reech will win you right over.