5 reasons why there are so many unemployed youths in Lagos


Lagos, Nigeria is home to most of the multi-national companies in Nigeria. With the capability of combining the economic power of more than three states in the country, Lagos is still home to thousands of homeless and unemployed youths.

What is the problem?

  1. Most of these youths are uneducated and were not motivated by either their parents or government. Most of them come from poor backgrounds.
  2. Companies in Lagos frequently look for graduates to fill positions that anyone could fill. That’s understandable, since there are also thousands if not millions of unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Lagos.
  3. Lagos has few skill acquisition programmes directed at poor people in the state. Outside government intervention, where such is found, it will be too expensive for poor youths.
  4. Information about job openings and opportunities have been blurred by honest and fake efforts. Trying to find a job in Lagos is getting harder by the day as crooks collect money before finding work for clients.
  5. Youths in Lagos often seem to love the street live which offers freedom from family direction. Most of those who take to the streets are those who rebelled against authority. Even if employed, they often turn out to be poor members of staff.