African Artists’ Foundation hosts their first-ever pop-up market

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For most of 2016, the unofficial mantra was ‘buy Naija to grow the naira’. A lot of people preached it, a few practiced it, but all of us definitely began to pay more attention to the idea.

So, in a bid to support the endless list of innovative made-in-Nigeria brands, the African Artists’ Foundation will be hosting their first-ever pop-up market, AAF Super Sale & Designers Market on July 29.

(Photo: AAF)

(Photo: AAF)

In anticipation of the event, AAF is calling on Nigerian creatives to purchase a space at the pop-up market for ₦10,000 before the July 10 deadline.

Speaking about what they expect the event to be like, the AAF team said:

“We expect a well-attended event. Our audience is very open-minded and they love to enjoy themselves.

We’re aiming for a really nice, buzzy and community-oriented atmosphere with great energy.”

The event also intends to be very family-friendly. Excluding the pop-up market, there will be a discount art sale; along with art classes and face painting for kids.

You can contact for more information.