Story of Nigerian cleric who had 130 wives and 203 children

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A Vanguard report:

There is time for everything in life. There is a time to be born and a time to die but, in between the two times, one has the opportunity to choose the type of life he wants to live. Some have passion to acquire wealth, some houses, some exotic cars, some clothes, some, especially women, jewelry, some shoes. On the marital side, some men have chosen to remain with one wife, some with more than one, while few others abstain from getting married either on religious grounds or on personal basis. However, for the late Malam Muhammad Abubakar Bello Masaba, he chose to marry dozens of wives and subsequently gave birth to scores of children. Masaba, as he was popularly called, came into limelight in 2008 when his romantic lifestyle was exposed.

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