For better Nigeria, we need genuine federalism – Etiebet

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  • Restructuring Nigeria not enough
  • True federalism needed
  • Monetary federalism also needed


Former Minister of Petroleum, Chief Don Etiebet, has said that rebuilding alone won’t tackle Nigeria’s numerous issues, rather, what Nigeria needs is genuine federalism with all it involves, including financial federalism.

He additionally said that the report of the National Conference contains every one of the fixings, and if received will keep Nigeria solid, joined together, resolute and without perpetual animosity between the different ethnic gatherings in the nation.

He stated: “Restructuring is not equivalent to genuine federalism. What Nigeria needs is genuine federalism, with all it accompanies, including monetary federalism.

“The resolutions of the last National Conference caught every one of the fixings, and if received will keep Nigeria solid, joined together, indissoluble, without unending hostility amongst groups and dread of control.

“I think the nation ought to be exceptionally thankful to the All Progressives Congress, APC’s Governors Forum which has turned out to help this position firmly on the present difficulties to Nigeria’s solidarity.

We should all extol them, stop all quarrels forthwith and work from that point. With 24 out of 36, and they are all APC governors, turning out with this position, the Constitution is revised.

“What is remaining now is to take a seat and work out the subtle elements. In the meantime, we should keep on pursuing the battle against corruption all the more strongly and overwhelmingly while approaches to contain corruption radically should be a piece of the Constitutional corrections for the genuine federalism. There must be a climate of fear to avoid corruption and enthrone the rule of law without dread or support.”