Nigerian president’s speech in Hausa leads to media displeasure

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The Cable has published how President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech is a disservice to Nigerians. Read it here.

However, here’s a brief quotation:

Whoever is behind the broadcast has simply gone beyond the limits to ridicule the administration of President Buhari by projecting severity of his health status and presenting him as a promoter of ethno-religious cleavage based Nigeria. No leader, even in peacetime, Nigeria has ever made national broadcast in his own ethnic language except for governors and regional governments managed by Premiers. For the records, Northern Hausas are not the only Muslims in Nigeria. The Igbo, Ijaws, Nupes, Tivs, Igalas, Angas, Jukuns, Calabar, Ikweres, others have Muslims in their midst who would have felt better if the president had spoken in a common lingua acceptable under
our multiplicity.

Reactions on Twitter:

  1. And then Pre Buhari Sent Eid🕋Greetings to Nigerians In Hausa Language… So All Muslims understand Hausa Now? 😎 😷😷

  2. President Buhari is the President of all Nigeria. He is not the President of only those who can speak/understand Hausa! This is an outrage!!

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