Nigeria: Is the problem only corruption?

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Nigeria is not sufficiently fortunate to point the finger at corruption for every one of its issues. That would be too simple. A nation as multidimensional as our own can’t accuse each and every issue for debasement. Notwithstanding the strength of the corruption story, unmistakably our fixation on defilement comes at a heavy value, a value we ought to consider regardless of whether merits are good enough.

To start with, everything appears to bode well, a ton of sense. ‘On the off chance that Nigeria does not execute defilement, corruption will murder Nigeria’. This is the premise on which numerous fruitful Nigerian government officials have constructed their professions. One reason this corruption account works so well is that the country plays the ideal dream. At whatever point nationals draw near to any significant discussion about strategy, organization, or the economy, we are reminded to concentrate on corruption. It is nearly as though nothing else matters except for ‘against’- corruption. The smokescreen it makes is so convincing and diverting that different issues are briefly stopped to concentrate on debasement.

As of late, the Rivers State Governor gave a meeting discussing his state, and unavoidably, his antecedent. Regularly, affirmations of corruption and plundering of state reserves ruled the discussion. This example happens at whatever point government officials show up in the media. What is discernable is that there are constantly enough charges of corruption to bring up in the press that they infrequently ever need to talk about strategy or whatever other significant theme.

Our lawmakers are fortunate to live in such a degenerate nation.