Former military president warns Nigeria against repeating civil war

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Former Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Babangida has said the time to restructure Nigeria has come.

The former military president made the assertion on Monday, June 26, during prayers to mark his 75th birthday celebration at the Hilltop in Minna, Niger state.

IBB launched an appeal to Nigerians to draw back from further campaign of hate the like of which he said led to the 30 month civil war.

According to Vanguard, the former military president said that there was little discord among Nigerians of different social classes.

He urged Nigerians to synergise their different potentials towards building a great nation. Regarding the restructuring of Nigeria, Babangida called for the devolution of more powers from the federal level to the states. IBB urged Nigerians to embrace the creation of state police.

He said the fear of state governors using state police to run amok was not as strong as the greater benefit that creating state police would do for the nation. While passionately appealing to leaders of the different divides in the country to show more maturity by reining in the younger elements, the former military president observed that war is not a joke anyone should toy with.

General Babangida said: “Nigeria, my dear country, is not a stranger to crisis, nor is she immune to it. In a profound sense, she can be said to have been created out of crisis, a nation state that will continue to strive to subdue and transcend crises. In over a century of its formalized colonial architecture, Nigeria has grown and made remarkable progress in the midst of crises”.

The General also urged the media to be more objective in reporting events and developments in the country. He said the media plays a big role in keeping the peace of any nation, but can also be used as a tool for propaganda and chaos.