NNPC slashes price of diesel nationwide

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Sunday said some of its key intercessions have come about into a noteworthy drop in the cost of diesel by around 42 percent the country over.

It clarified in an announcement from its Group General Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, in Abuja, this descending value drift has been seen by it in the course of the most recent six months.

NNPC expressed that in the primary quarter (Q1) of 2017, the retail costs of diesel, which is one of the deregulated oil based commodities in the nation, was N300 per liter in real request focuses, however that costs were currently inside a data transmission of N175 and N200 per liter.

“Such disagreeable circumstance set an enormous weight on truck drivers who require the item to transport their vehicles, the country’s assembling area which obliges it to run its operations, and also on the masses who require it for family control era.

“In any case, taking after vital mediation endeavors by the NNPC towards supported change in the supply of the diesel, the item’s retail costs as toward the finish of May 2017 gone from N175 to N200 the nation over (a noteworthy value drop of around 42 for every penny), while ex-stop costs additionally dropped to amongst N135 and N155,” said NNPC in the announcement.