How to find online jobs: Which countries offer the best jobs?

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So, you’re looking through the internet this morning. You’ve been looking for a long time, no show.

It seems as if members of some countries may not be able to get many opportunities to make it good online no matter what they try. Most of these countries are in Africa.

However, I wonder sometimes why some small countries are able to get their chance more than the BIG Nigeria which is not so good now for PayPal or isn’t  a friend of ClickBank.

I discovered that many small countries in the world don’t have the curse that Nigeria bears; probably because they’ve never been labelled ‘too corrupt’ as Nigeria has been for about a decade or two now.

But when it comes to finding jobs online, maybe Nigeria is still one of the few places you shouldn’t look…opportunities are far too thin!

However, if you live in Africa, there are a few countries in the world where you can look for online opportunities and actually get them.

I know you’re thinking USA!

But no.

You can look at countries in Asia.

These days, folks are finding it easier to get jobs in several countries in Asia, although they still live in Africa.