Nigeria: Local vaccines soon to be produced locally

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For decades, many Nigerians had looked forward to government measures aimed at reducing the high incidence of death rates arising from the outbreak of various diseases. Now, there seems to be a glimmer of hope with the approval given by the federal government for the local production of vaccines by Bio Vaccines.

When Nigeria experienced one of the deadliest Meningitis outbreak two months ago where over 500 persons unfortunately lost their lives, one of the constraints the federal government said it had was the inability to promptly take delivery of vaccines it ordered, because they were told it would take a certain number of weeks before it will be ready and delivered into the country, between which people were dying, while the outbreak was spreading.

The government also said even if it had envisaged there was going to be a Meningitis outbreak, there was no way it could have ordered for the vaccines beforehand because the procedure was that there has to be an outbreak before a nation can be qualified to make order for such vaccines even though it has to be paid for.