3 best tips for staying youthful in Lagos

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BBC recently said that Lagos, Nigeria is the fifth worst place to live on earth. There’s no report about terrorism in Lagos but there’s widespread poverty and crimes.

Yet, one can manage to stay youthful in the city.


Here are three main ways:

  1. Avoid moving in traffic. Whether you’re in traffic or just trekking, avoid the periods of day when cars and trucks move the most. Basically, these periods are in the wee hours of the morning and anything from 4pm. Fumes from vehicles are not good for health. Apart from that, traveling in traffic is stressful.
  2. Avoid wearing a long face. You have a lot of things that will make you unhappy in Lagos. People are rude and selfish. They don’t care but want to get ahead of you no matter what. Even if people step on you at the bus stops, don’t worry, be happy.
  3. This one is from a third party:
Serve God. Eat good food, ensure you focus on your career, a successful career is bound to keep an individual young. Avoid unnecessary stress, show love to people around you. When you show love to people around you their is a 50% chance it gets back to you. Stay calm , seek advice , that way your bound to avoid ageing factors.

Do these and you’ll just be fine. Can you add to this list? Let’s hear from you.