Search for Nigerians who can partner with Vietnamese investors

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THE Nigerian-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NVCCI, is to partner with Vietnam investors to promote export of made-in-Nigeria products.

Disclosing this at the NVCCI secretariat in Lagos to welcome the new Vietnamese Ambassador to Nigeria, Pham Ahn Tuan, the President of NVCCI, Mr. Oye Akinsemoyin, said the chamber seeks Nigerians who are able and ready to partner with Vietnamese investors to promote made in Nigeria products that meet the world’s standards that will be exported.

“It is not just selling our raw products; we need to add value to what we have. We will earn more and better as a country if our raw materials are processed or manufactured here in Nigeria and exported to other countries. The chamber is working seriously in that area, we are looking for Nigerians who are able to partner with Vietnam investors. We have already found people in Edo State and we believe very soon some of these investments will be able to come afloat, especially in the area of made in Nigeria products,”he said.

The new Vietnamese Ambassador to Nigeria, Pham Ahn Tuan, said his mission in Nigeria is to extend the diplomatic relationship between the two countries which has been in existence since 1976 especially in the area of trade and investment.

“The two countries are similar, for instance both countries are hardworking and friendly and we can help each other in telecommunications and information technology. Nigeria is also very good in education and can come and teach in Vietnam. We would like to push trade and investment in the two countries and if Vietnam has any opportunity to help Nigeria, the chamber can come to me.”