Are electronic cars a bad idea?

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Jane Bradley thinks so. and she said that their environmental impact is without question beneficial – for a nation brought up to understand that cars go “vroom vroom”, we are not equipped to avoid being knocked down by silent killers.

And that seems to be just one reason out of some others.

Two of which is also that the sound of these cars are different from the auto sounds we know and that Two years ago, a new rule was introduced by the European Parliament that would see all electric vehicles within the EU forced to become heard and not just seen. Under the revised laws, new models of electric and hybrid vehicles in the EU will have to make a noise similar to that of a standard car – no bells and whistles – by 2019 and all new electric and hybrid cars, even those produced to pre-2019 designs, must be audible by 2021. But of course, the UK is leaving the EU, so won’t benefit.

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