Enjoy Ice Fishing in Minnesota

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If your passion is fishing and your vacations are on, then Minnesota is the place for you to be. The natives of this state in Minneapolis take their fishing habit very seriously. Everything related to fishing, i.e. from location to equipment to climate and comfort, every little detail is taken very good care of when there happens to be a plan to go fishing.
The beautiful scenic backdrop with the warmth of the sun, makes the fishing experience a memorable one, especially when you have to pull out your catch through the slowly melting ice. This is what you call ice fishing. There are over 5000 fishable lakes available here, and any person interested in the activity, irrespective of age and skill can go there and fish to their heart’s content.
Minnesota is called the “land of 10,000 Lakes” and this is not without reason. According to statistics there are about 12,000 lakes in this state out of which over 5000 are ones where you can fish. This is not including the rivers and streams that you can fish in. Central Minnesota is a popular place for fishing both in summer and in winter.
The Equity Bank chairman, Steve Liefschultz Minnesota’s former banker, is very fond and proud of the place he lives in and hence writes about its beauty in his blog regularly. According to him there are several reasons for people to visit Minnesota, one of which is definitely ice fishing in the winter.
It might be a little difficult to imagine how ice fishing is done, but there is no doubt that it is an experience of a lifetime. There are small houses available near the lakes where you can put up to keep your things or even take rest when you want to. There are rustic houses all around the area as well as a little better off furnished houses. The ones that are a tad bigger have kitchens, bunks, and televisions, for all those fishermen who wish to stay on for the night.
It is not a mandatory task for you to take cover of a fishing house, you could choose to just sit down on a folding chair or an overturned pail and enjoy the fullness of catching some great fish. This is a very common sight near the lakes on a sun filled morning.
As a fisherman you should not feel shy of asking the local people what are the tips for having an enjoyable at the fishing lakes of this ‘close to nature’ state. Another added attraction of ice fishing is that you might even be able to drive to the water over the ice. Yes, the ice turns out to be thick enough to drive over during the winters, and that is definitely something to look forward to.
The real estate loan expert Steve Liefschultz Minnesota’s proud inhabitant says that apart from the great attraction of the ice fishing, the other reasons for a visit to Minnesota are the Mary Tyler Moore statue, the Stone Arch Bridge, the Foshay Tower, and many other minor places too.