Know ADHD Correctly

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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is a medical condition that has a lot of myths associated with it. In order to get rid of a particular problem of the body, it is primarily important to know the disorder well and have a clear concept about it. Over the decades more and more children are being diagnosed with this disorder and along with it is the growing rumors about it.
The most common misconception about is that all those who are affected by it are lazy by nature, are stupid and do not have a strong will power. But that is not true. ADHD is a neuro behavioral developmental disorder. A kind of chemical imbalance takes place in the management systems of the brain, an imbalance in the neurotransmitters of the brain.
Specialists like Dr. Jonathan B Lauter MD working in the Director of Child and Adolescent  Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens,New York, has been associated with the field of psychiatry for the past 3 decades and more and is an expert in it. He knows at the back of his hand the various symptoms, causes and effective treatments and procedures to take care of patients affected with ADHD.
It is not a correct notion that ADHD affects only boys. As a matter of fact, ADHD is not just liable to occur to both boys and girls, but also to children and adults alike. In fact, out of all those children who are patients of ADHD, around 70% of them continue to have the symptoms through their adolescence and some even carry it to their adulthood.
Because this is a common disorder mainly found in children, parents are the people who have to bear the brunt of it and so consider themselves to be the cause of it. This is again absolutely wrong to think that ADHD occurs as a result of bad parenting. It is the chemistry in the brain that does not allow these children to behave in the socially accepted ways.
Again it should not be thought that adults will never be affected by it, if they have never been diagnosed with it in their childhood. There are chances that a child may be wrongly diagnosed in his childhood and have somehow managed with the symptoms through it but with the onset of adulthood they can still face the problems of ADHD.
Diagnosing ADHD can be very accurate ,contrary to the common thinking that it cannot be done. Specialists like Dr. Jonathan B Lauter MDhave been doing so very efficiently for several years. He has even gained the reputation of being the best in the field of psychiatry, because of his brilliant diagnosis and treatment procedures.
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a medical condition of the brain which should not be treated recklessly and with anger. Instead it is something that needs a lot of care and patience, in order to get back the life to complete normalcy.