Relationships- Make Them Positive With An Expert

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Many people have relationship issues and most of them are unhappy and have no clue on why things went wrong. Sometimes things do go out of proportion and there are times when you explode. Ego, anger and hurt can ruin the prospects of any relationship. It is important for you and your partner to give time and focus on how you can work on the relationship so that mistakes do not happen again.
James Mitchell a psychologist in the USA who has been helping people cope with their relationship issues. He says most of the time the main culprit for relationship problems is the communication gap. Couples tend to talk less these days and this is the sole reason why they misunderstand each other more. They drift away from their authentic self and they are not honest with one another. The result is doubt and emotional insecurity. It is the “emotional insecurity” that takes a heavy toll on the relationship and if not checked can ruin its prospects as well. 
He says that when arguments and issues arise, it is often seen that the partners are disrespectful to one another. In the due course of most arguments, the partners often become defensive and they land up saying things that they do not mean.  This jeopardizes the relationship to a very large extent. He says that in order to combat the above issue, it is important for you to be honest in your communication. Healthy communication is the need of the day and with the aid of it you effectively can address many petty issues faster. Very often small frustrations in life give rise to big arguments and when it becomes difficult to manage them, the couples burst. This creates a never-ending phase of hurt, guilt, ego and resentment. It takes time to heal and if you are not patient the relationship breaks and is ruined forever!
James Mitchell says that with the aid of good communication skills, you are able to build a loving relationship with your partner. He says that you should never interrupt them when they are making their point. He says that it is often hard for you to listen to something you do not wish to hear when your partner is making his or her point. Most of the time, most people also make the common mistake that the communication process involves the inclusion of a valid point that the other person again does not wish to hear.  He says that the communication process in a personal relationship is not a business one. There are no wins and losses. It is just a point that is being exchanged and you become aware of it. Emotions and feelings are shared. 
Relationships are like flowers and they should bloom to give you maximum fragrance and comfort. It is important to note that they are priceless and important for life and integrity. Every relationship is precious and you just have to appreciate the other person’s presence in your life and complement him or her for being there with you in thick and thin!