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gear vr s7

Your extravagant Gear VR headset is significantly more than just a hunk of plastic with a few lenses inside. You may have known about the Google Cardboard some time recently, which is the most essential rendition of VR, so you can think about the Gear VR as a stage over that organization. Samsung really cooperated with Oculus, the makers of the Oculus Rift, to make the product which runs the Samsung Gear VR headset. That will clarify a considerable measure of the marking.

As a matter of first importance, the Gear VR just works with an extremely predetermined number of cell phones, all of which are made by Samsung. You have to possess a cycle of the Galaxy S6, Note 5, or S7 keeping in mind the end goal to try and utilize the headset, in spite of the fact that there is constrained Note 4 support also. Oculus arranges to bolster the product it makes for Gear VR for no less than two years, however designers can quit supporting more established telephones whenever. So to ensure your Gear VR works with everything for the longest period conceivable, it bodes well to get the S7, discharged in March 2016, instead of the Note 4, which was discharged in late 2014.