Spider Man shows up alongside Captain America in new trailer

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It’s taken almost 10 years of forward and backward in the middle of Marvel and Sony to go to an assention that would permit Spider-Man to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet today is the day we at long last get the chance to see the webslinger nearby any semblance of Captain America and Tony Stark!

The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped Thursday morning, giving us new understanding into the film’s focal clash — our most loved super saints getting into a physical altercation over how to police themselves. Be that as it may, all the more significantly it presented to us our first take at Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

As the two gatherings of saints go head to head against one another, Tony Stark murmurs, “Okay, I’ve come up short on tolerance.”

That is when Spider-Man shows up, grabbing Captain America’s Shield and tying his hands as he swings overhead. His first words in the arrangement give us a look at the high school jokester we’ve been guaranteed as he surveys a landing area loaded with the most intense legends on Earth and jokes, “Hey everybody.”