6 Major Travel Expense Management Myths That Cost Huge To Your Business

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Fancy hotels, lavish rooms service and exotic places this is what business travel is generally all about. Unfortunately not always and most often not always. Given below are the 6 major travel expense management myths that could cost a huge to you and your business organization.

Myth 1: Travellers like the freedom of making their own travel arrangements
This is a fact. Most of the travellers do not like booking their own travel, and anyways they should not be doing it.  The reality here is people are busy and booking their travel can be a hassle.

Myth 2: Business travel never seems to be that worth enough.
Business travel definitely is worth it. And the proof is what the numbers. According to a research study done by oxford economics study, each and every dollar that is been invested in business travel business organizations could here see an average of $12.50 in added revenue and 3.80$ in new profits. Business Travel helps in getting your job done and this is as simple as that.

Myth 3: You are going to fly first class each and every time when you travel.
Sure, sometimes you would be booked or get upgraded to the first or business class but make sure that you do not bank it each and every time. Most of the business organizations here are fairly diligent in keeping their travel spend inclusive of all the necessary costs and would not allow you to book first class for simple two or three hour flight.

Myth 4: Online bookings is never that enough in order to optimize your savings.
While consumer oriented business travel websites continue to offer you with front deal and discounts, they are here generally accompanied by the cancellation penalties or minimum staying requirements that could end up costing you more.

Myth 5: Tuesday afternoon is one of the best time to search for flights, whereas weekend is the worst time.
This might be in a case back in the day where individuals could manually enter the new fares in the batches. But these days most of the airlines file new fares electronically at least every hour, using a careful revenue travel expense management system based on how many seats are left on the flight that  you are travelling. You might again find a better deal for a last minute travel on a Tuesday afternoon as airlines release weekend gateways deals on those specific days. So for most of the travel the best rule of thumb is just book as far in advance as possible. And then stop checking or else you would turn out to be crazy.
Myth 6: You do not need any kind of travel insurance.
Well you do not have too, until you do. I have heard too many horror stories when it comes to accidents, horror stories, and cancellations in order to not make an investment in travel insurance. Most even offer you with some sort of coverage so do check twice the benefits before going ahead on your own.  And in case if you have been considering getting insurance then try and use square mouth in order to compare companies and coverage that fits to your needs and requirements.

To conclude let’s stop the continued spread of these old travel management myths. Let’s fight for these fears, dispel the myths about travel and encourage individuals to get on the road.
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Melissa Patterson is a freelancer and has experience of over 5 years in expense and travel management software. She has in-depth knowledge about managing travel and different type of expenses incurred in business. She writes about procure to pay software as a freelancer.