Question & Answers: Masterbuilt 23013314 Butterball Indoor XL Fryer with Accessory Pack

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Question: I have a big family. i have to cook 20 pounds of chicken wings at once in addition to french fries. in the event that i get the additional substantial one…how numerous clusters? 

Answer: Works truly well to something such as that.

By B. Gift on September 12, 2015

Question: How hot does the fryer get? Is it important to shield the surface underneath from the warmth? 

Answer: I would just cook on a sturdy surface, one note, the warming component does not stay sufficiently hot for a 20lb turkey to be cooked in the ordinary measure of time, I do love this thing however the warming component does not get very as hot as is important for a vast winged animal.

By B. Stipend on November 16, 2015

Question: How long is the line? 

Answer: About 2 1/2 feet.

Question: What is the base measure of oil that can be utilized, and can an option that is other than nut oil be utilized? 

Answer: Yes you can utilize any oil u need. Nut is prefered cause it doesnt absord flavor like other oil does and i receive around 4 utilizes as a part of return. Continuously fill your oil to at any rate the base level marker inside your fryer. It doesnt hurt to need to much. You will be sad if your nourishment dosnt cook on top if to little oil.

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Masterbuilt 23013314 Butterball Indoor XL Fryer with Accessory Pack