Nigerian comedians, musicians, actors, etc can distribute their works online through Sharemyfame –Aja Lekwa

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Aja Lekwa shared more insight about himself and desire in life and his most exciting project right now,, an online content development platform for promoting all-things entertainment in Nigeria.
Find excerpts below…
Please give us a few insights into yourself, interests, and goals in life.
My name is Aja Lekwa, an entertainment entrepreneur, I am more into content development for various media platforms.

I am from the eastern, probably one of the wise men from the east that the Bible mention…
But I see myself more as a Nigerian, was born in Calabar, grew up in the north and ended up in the west.
Back in the days I attended one of the unity schools, where kids from every nook and cranny of the nation came together in search of knowledge, irrespective of who your parents where.
So that went a long way in shaping my opinion about Nigeria, and I still believe in the greatness of this nation.
My interests? Am interested in God, am interested in excellence and good moral values, and most of all am interested in the collective good of my neighborhood.
My goal is simple, be able to implement all the ideas of witty invention I carry in me, and they are slowly coming into expression.
 What prompted the idea for and for how long has the online portal been present?
About the idea behind sharemyfame? First of all, we own both and, but we are currently using for patriotic reasons. We hope to link the two of them so that whichever you type takes you to the same platform.
I have been around Vanguard newspaper, TV and Radio stations for sometime, working on some stuff with late entertainment editor for vanguard newspapers (Amadi Ogbonnaya) and Dan Foster respectively. Most of these did not materialise, but were very good learning and networking grounds. All the while i was visiting it was a regular occurrence to see youths or artiste coming to the stations to hopefully have their works publicized.
It finally crystallised as a business idea in 2013, to build an online  platform that will help to this regard.
What groups of the Nigerian society are your targets, and how will their signing up with Sharemyfame add value to their lives?
The target of sharemyfame is the youths, the young and upcoming musicians, comedians and young independent film makers. It’s a huge market out there and has not been scratched, so we are confident we can provide a platform to help them come on board and distribute their works with us.
Sharemyfame is a digital distribution platform for multimedia, for the musicians, independent film makers, animation producers, dance and comedians to distribute their works.
Most of those in our target market just need a platform to express themselves, make a name and maybe make some revenue and later on a lot of revenue.
For the success of, what are your long and short term goals?
Sharemyfame was born in 2013 with a partnership between us (Infoflair Options) and a UK based IT company and later with a German based investor, but it never really took off as should.
In both cases, we could not get them to meet their financial obligations and maybe other reasons we don’t know.
So Infoflair Options took back control of the vision last year and has been working to bring the platform to fruition, one step at a time.
Our short term goal has been to use the blog to gain traction and build a following.
Also, being a content development company, we have a sports-music competition we are finalizing with Femi and the gang/Coolwazobia family, Mozez Praiz/Super sports and Nigerian sport blogger, China Acheru to present by next year.
The success of these projects will help to activate the long term goal of building and running the distribution platform with a professional workforce.
At present, are there partners working with you to ensure that the aims and objectives if Sharemyfame are achieved? If so, who are they?
Like I explained earlier, we extricated ourselves from the financial partners that did not create any value for us, but we have partners that working with us to activate the spinoffs from sharemyfame, like the sports-music competition.
We have initiated discussions with a prominent OAP by the name of  Bukky Izeogu Sawyerr on behalf of Classic FM 97.3 for another of our spinoff products.
We also have a partnership deal with a young Cameroon based film producer to throw his works into the Nigerian market at the right time.
There is also the ‘partnership’ with my good friend and brother Jude, an experienced blogger, whom I can run to at anytime for help.
We are hoping all these strategic alliances will grow, and more come on board, to make the platform a very busy one.
But, the fact remains that great projects like this take time to come to fruition, but we are committed and dedicated to the vision to see it come to pass.
Who is your foremost competitor in Nigeria?
On the one hand we can say we don’t have competitors, the type that will give us sleepless nights. Its a very big market and a lot needs to be done to bring more artistes onboard the new experience of digital distribution platform.
But the big players with deep pockets are Spinlet, Iroking, IrokoTV, Afrinolly and Mtn Music plus.
But seriously, they are not competitors as when we are fully functional we will be also distributing our works through them in a symbiotic relationship, to give us a bigger market. That’s how its done in other climes.
Also, a lot of the mushroom blogs that are freely doing downloads of artistes’ songs can be worked with to monetise same.
Then the almighty Alaba marketers, call them pirates and you expose the side of the divide you stand. A template can be worked out to incorporate them in the production line of digital distribution in the country.
Young people in this country need to be motivated. Is there anything that you’re putting in place to help them through Sharemyfame?
Yes, we hope to motivate the talented youths to hard work, case in study are the music content competitions we talked about earlier. When we go through the planning stages and secure sponsorship for them, the rewards for winning is enough motivation for them to be a part of it.
Also, the business model of the distribution platform offers a large chunk of the revenue to the artiste whose work is being distributed.
So they own the platform and we just manage it.
 I would comfortably look at Sharemyfame and call it an entertainment platform. Would I be correct if I say so?
Yes, we are in the entertainment business. With the focus on music, movies, sports and the rest.
Its possible to branch out later, using the sharemyfame brand, to build other types of business. But for now the focus is entertainment.
What future do you envisage for
The future starts today and the numerous opportunities we see that the sharemyfame brand can get into and make a difference informs the desire to build the brand and financial capacity and use same to re-invest in other sectors of the economy.