Power Seal: Manufacturing Autopaints in Nigeria

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Currently manufacturing different types of paints at the moment both for industrial and domestic use, Power Seal is about to expand its operations to benefit other sectors such as oil and gas subsector. At
the same time, auto owners can also benefit when the manufacturing of automotive paints is also embarked on by the company. It is in the interests of major sectors that Power seal was founded. Basically, the local car manufacturers stand the chance to get immense benefits from the automotive paints that will be manufactured by the company.
For a Nigerian manufacturing company to produce paints of high quality shows the extent to which industry experts in the country are ready to compete favourably with foreign manufacturing companies. The decorative and architectural paint manufacturing have few entrance barriers and also mean that there are over a thousand makers in Nigeria, making it possible for sub-standard paints to be in the market, making it a big challenge for companies like Power Seal to bring high quality paints to the masses.

But improvements are needed for the paint industry to thrive better. For one thing, over 75% of manufacturing raw materials have to be imported. This is not to be encouraged in a country where most of the raw materials can be gotten from crude oil by-products.