Centre for Automotive Design & Development, Nigeria

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There is a need for the designing, developing and production of low-cost prototype vehicles and to produce automotive capacity in Nigeria. By means of training, developing, and equipping of
Nigerians through workshops, seminars and conferences, the need for designing, developing and production of prototype vehicles is achievable. A newly manufactured engine produced by the Centre, which is still tested here in Nigeria will be used in multiple ways to add value to the productive climate in Nigeria.
A major progress achieved by Centre for Automotive Design & Development is the bringing back brands which had left the shores of Nigeria to return and operate within the confines of the Nigerian laws and business policies. Most of these companies are assembling automobiles and other means of transportation, while a few also manufacture locally. But the Centre for Automotive Design & Development is fully concentrated on providing enough components here in Nigeria as a means of enriching the business platforms in Nigeria and strengthening the economy of the country. In addition to that, the Centre frequently organize sensitization conferences to enlighten those providing components for the auto industry in Nigeria.