Tips for Transitioning from Public to Private Sector in Business


There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a career move from the public to private sector. Everyone’s reason is unique and personal to them. Whatever your motivation, know that there are some key differences to approaching corporate employment. Entrepreneurs and business professionals like Bob Bratt know that it’s important to approach the transition from public to private sector in business with a positive, planned approach. Here are some tips to help you. 

Assess Your Experience

Consider the work you did in the public sector and take stock of your strengths versus your weaknesses. What kinds of tasks interested you most? Think back on the kinds of jobs for which you were most in demand which energized you. Take some notes or make a list if you’d like. Then brainstorm some fields and positions these aptitudes and passions would translate to. 

Then Decide What You Want

After taking some time to think over your abilities and interests, it’s time to start narrowing down what kind of position you’d be ideal for and which segment of the job force you’re best suited to. Being clear about your target job and work environment will not only help you to find a career you’re happy with, it will show prospective employers you’re dedicated to and enthusiastic about potential positions. So be sure to decide things like whether you want to work for a large or small company, an established big name corporation or a start-up and if you’d be more suited to an executive level position or something more low-key. 

Research, Research, Research

Once you’ve decided the kind of company and position you prefer, start researching those organizations. Follow them on social media, and reach out with insightful comments. Read all you can on the industry in general. Be sure to prepare before interviews by checking out the websites. By showing you’re knowledgeable, enthusiastic and truly interested, you’ll prove to prospective employers that you’re ready to switch to the private sector. 

Build Your Network

Transitioning to the private sector will be easier if you take time to expand your network to those who are working in the kinds of position you seek. Catch up with old friends or colleagues. These renewed relationships may give you insight or referrals to open positions. Try to find a mentor in the company or industry you aspire to. Having this kind of connection is priceless. 

Follow these tips to get you started on making a smooth transition from the public to the private sector. Career changes are exciting and much more fulfilling when you’re prepared.