De Crown West Africa Ltd: Handling major construction projects in Nigeria


construction in Nigeria

De Crown was founded at a time when there was a vacuum due to lack of indigenous expertise in the engineering construction industry. The firm prides itself on the premise that it was able to fill part of that civil engineering vacuum in Nigeria.

Set up in 1989, De Crown is involved in civil engineering and construction designs project managements, building of dams and bridges. What makes the brand unique? The focus of the brand on the use of indigenous experts to complete projects instead of using expatriates, distinguishes De Crown as a Local Content compliant civil engineering brand in Nigeria.

To prove its competence among competitors, De Crown has handled major construction engineering projects in Nigeria and one of the foremost is the construction of Burara Inter-basin Water Transfer. The project, of which De Crown was fully involved, is unique and best of its kind in Africa which fills the need for adequate water, especially in the Federal Capital Territory.