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Bizarre! Pastor runs mad after curing evil people

Mr William who has come to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry with the problem of mental disorder for the past two years. Because of his violent nature, he was chained. See how this man with the problem of mental disorder received his deliverance in the Name of Jesus Christ through the faculties of his […]


5 unsolved mysteries caught on tape

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Woman flees jobless husband who has sex with her six hours daily

In quote, “Six- hour daily sex from a jobless man is too much to handle.” These were the words of a 26- year – old woman, Constance Muungani, who fled her matrimonial home because of her husband, Fani Mumba ( 31) because of overwhelming sexual appetite . Mumba, who thought his wife was unfair to […]


Pastor rectifies erection, tells TV to air it or…

Intro… Pastor Mboro said: ‘I tried to stop them but they told me that they couldn’t stop because they were starving for months. ‘The husband was excited that he got an erection back and even offered to pay me.’ He told Sunday World: ‘Thabisile came to church a while ago and complained that although she […]

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Married man caught raping dog in Africa

The child owner and his uncle heard the dog howling, went to investigate and discovered Mochachi in the act. They turned him over to the police. Just days later, the man was taken to the Alexandra Regional Court, where he pleaded guilty to charges of bestiality in terms of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and […]


Hard facts about Texas Church shooting which left 20 dead

A man opened fire inside of a church in a small South Texas community on Sunday, killing multiple people and wounding others before being “taken down,” authorities said. The Wilson County News quoted Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackett on the casualties and that the shooter was now dead. A sheriff says that a man walked […]


PROTEST: Woman rubs breast against man’s face on the street

The alleged assailant pleads for her to stop, claiming he ‘was out shopping with his wife and has done nothing wrong.’ But as the man protests his innocence the irate female, who is not named, shouts: ‘I’m fed up being treated like a sex object. Is it boobs you want?’ Read more and see more […]


People angered over naked woman paraded in office area to boost workers’ performance

Short Take People have reacted with anger after footage emerged of a woman parading around her office naked to ‘boost morale’. The stunt at a call centre in Warsaw, Poland, is believed to have been set up by her boss because she wanted to motivate her staff. Wearing nothing but sunglasses and boots she went […]