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Funny Buu: How President Jacob became stumbled trying to pronounce beginning

Wow! how could Jacob Zuma have a problem with the word beginning? Sure as hell, he does in this short video which has gone viral on the internet. Watch the video here


Funny Buu: Girlfriends for cute guys

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Funny Buu: You are a taxi!

First Man: Hey man, call me a taxi. Second man: Yes sir, You are a taxi!

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Joke of the Day: No Jews, Christians, or Muslim in Star Trek

Boy: Dad how come there are no Jews, Christians or Muslims in Star Trek? Answer: Dad: Cause it’s the future son Comment: You are right the primary religions, are the bedrock of division and bigotry. And as long as people find their understanding of and relationship with others of this world rooted in those tenants we will […]


Funny cat plays musical instrument (Video)

Funny videos and prank calls – Funniest cat… by bharatchaturvedi674


Funny Shark vs man video – Enjoy!

Funny – Shark and man by oneminuteweb