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Gloomy Monday here in today… BUT I woke up with a big smile! Feeling grateful for one more day of life & also for the opportunity to help more people today achieve their goals! While the rest of the world is sitting in traffic to go to work.. I’m packing, getting ready to surprise my […]


Nigerian comedians, musicians, actors, etc can distribute their works online through Sharemyfame –Aja Lekwa

Aja Lekwa shared more insight about himself and desire in life and his most exciting project right now,, an online content development platform for promoting all-things entertainment in Nigeria. Find excerpts below… Please give us a few insights into yourself, interests, and goals in life. My name is Aja Lekwa, an entertainment entrepreneur, I […]

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The best CPM ad network that allows online publishers make more money

I strongly believe that Adcash is among the top three ad management companies online that offer make-money opportunities for online publishers and others who may want to earn money online promoting other people’s products on the internet by utilizing their online content. The other question that you can ask is: At what number can we […]

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Wrike can make remote blogging work easier

Wrike is an online project management software and team collaboration tool designed to help teams work together to obtain additional done. Wrike’s project management tools make communication, planning, tracking progress, and measuring results easier, so you can streamline processes and make your team collaboration more productive. This results in – you guessed it – fewer […]

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12 Work job opportunities you can snatch now

Guest post from Sireesha Crowd Work News: I love side gigs. They are a great way to increase your income and learn new skills. Side gigs are big right now, and if you are planning to take up a side hustle, then you need to check if it is a flexible one. It is entirely possible […]


Get collateral-free personal loans online in Nigeria now

Accessing personal loans has taken a different dimension with a couple of service providers giving out collateral-free loans without the need a proof of employment or even a visit to a banking hall for some paperwork. The repayment period for these ranges from 14 days to 6 months, depending on the providers. The maximum amount […]

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Best bank to work in Nigeria – Financial Watch

Pursuing a career in banking industry in Nigeria is a job for those who aspire to be the best in all they do, the environment in this industry is highly competitive. A moment of weakness on your part could place you on the side-lines. Being good on the job is not rocket science; it is […]


6 Dangerous Sets of People You Will Find in A Typical Workplace Johnspeak Uwangue

(Motivator, HR Consultant, Talent Manager and Coach) The workplace can be very intriguing, interesting, fun and dangerous at the same time due to the different kinds of people you will find there. To some people, meeting this kinds of human beings can be very surprising as well devastating. The workplace isn’t just a place where […]


Obasanjo’s Coalition for Nigeria is not working

Indications have emerged that the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), said to have been formed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, may have been rejected by politicians in Nigeria. Weeks after the inauguration of the movement in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), checks across the six geo-political zones show that Obasanjo has a long journey […]


Request repair of your electronics online in Nigeria

Nigeria is really getting there technologically speaking. Now you can look for services so far away from you and through your phone or laptop screen make decisive decisions or what to buy. That trend is expanding to electronic repairs now. Read about it below… Productivity is key when working with any gadget. However, when gadgets […]


Africar Group now leading online auto classified firm in Sub-Sahara

Africar Group, the very first car classifieds to emerge for Sub-Saharan Africa, has now grown to become the leading car classifieds marketplace in the region, with a vast coverage of 30 countries and reaching out to more than 600 million people. Africar Group is where customers in Africa can easily buy and sell cars, motorbikes […]


Pls suspend strike, Fg begs MWUN workers

THE Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), which was set to embark on a nationwide strike action from Tuesday, 6th of February over inability of government to repair the ports access roads, has called off its planned strike action following what the association labelled ‘effort by government to reach a truce with maritime workers’. It […]

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Travel, live, work abroad: 10 jobs that pay you to travel

Excerpts… One of the most popular jobs that people who want to travel will do is English Teacher. Almost every country in the entire world is looking for English teachers, and in some places, they’re DESPERATE to hire teachers with or without experience. That being said, a large portion of these jobs require some sort […]


Credit card deceivers online

Many people are deceived online, believing that they can get what is truly a fairy tale. It happens with credit cards too. Some sites promise visitors free credit cards. We don’t know why but take the following example: Before you visit the site, in case you want to, they promise the this: free real […]

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Why I use WeTransfer to send large files online

About To be clear, isn’t generally what I’d call a distributed storage benefit. It’s a document exchange benefit that stores records in the cloud to encourage its motivation. It isn’t intended for long haul stockpiling, it isn’t worked for joint effort and it positively isn’t intended for gadget adjusting. That makes it a […]

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Medianet best tips for online dating

Most women don’t like hanging out at “singles places” because theʏ believe that they have tried it prior to and it did not work so it will be poіntlеss to go again. Or some women juѕt feel silly standing there in the midɗle of all thoѕe solitary men trying to appear “available”. But if you […]

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Best ways to earn Bitcoin online

Every day, Bitcoin the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin the technology gets more popular. When in 2011 you had to write a person from the other continent to order a pizza for you with Bitcoins, now you can do something like that in a number of major cities. In some countries like the Netherlands, the entire towns […]

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Banky W: Hard work beats talent – Video

Watch video HERE Follow the conversation… thenetng#Neclive @bankywellington tells young talents that hardwork beats talent when talent is not enough. Artistes need to be focused, disciplined and be ready to do research, otherwise they will become one of the millions that will be unsuccessful. shevymichaelOpportunity tops both. mc4god1Come to the east (Enugu for e.g where most of […]

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Looking for ways to earn online in Nigeria? Try Sfi

22 reasons to love SFI Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone + commissionable products, with new products added daily Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever Can start earning money within hours We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer […]

Business Products & Services Employment Announces Launch of New Virtual Assistant Service & Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Batavia, NY) Many businesses have the misconception that hiring a virtual assistant is a luxury only large businesses can afford. has created a new service to help change this perception of virtual assistants and make this service accessible to all businesses, regardless of the size or industry. a division of […]

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Ever dreamed of working anywhere?

Of course, that may include or mean that you also live anywhere in the world. It doesn’t mean that you’ll live your life like a bird. They fly anywhere they want to. Of course, you could also fly anywhere you want to, but your freedom is limited even when you’re inside a plane! But there […]

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How to find online jobs: Which countries offer the best jobs?

So, you’re looking through the internet this morning. You’ve been looking for a long time, no show. It seems as if members of some countries may not be able to get many opportunities to make it good online no matter what they try. Most of these countries are in Africa. However, I wonder sometimes why […]

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We’re trying to give the PT2WORK community something that not just a group can enjoy. Head over to the site now and see just how it looks even at the initial install. The site now allows members to interact, add photos, chat and even do more when they’re online. Dive in everyday to do something […]

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Are Local Retail Stores Going To Survive Competition From Online Counterparts?

Summary: The battle is tough between the online stores and the local retail stores including and who is better is always judged on certain parameters. Though it is hard to define a clear winner, local women’s clothing stores, home decor stores are all waging a tough competition against their online competitors. There is this rat […]


How to Concentrate on Higher Paying Writing Jobs Online

Finding a better paying writing gig on the internet can be a challengefor a new writer. Most of the websites that appear on Google’s top tensearch results are basically the revenue sharing opportunities thatunwary writers could jump in without having all the facts.I was involved in this kind of quandary for months on end withoutmaking any real […]

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How to advertise for free online

Are you a blog owner or just a business person who has a website? No doubt, you care about drawing attention to your website or blog and one of the most important ways you can do that is through online advertising. What if you don’t have the cash to do online advertising? One thing you […]

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Logo design: Get the best for your business online

Is your business new or old? If it is new, you need a very good eye-catching logo to arrest the attention of those who would love to do business with you. If your business is old, you may be thinking of re-branding. You don’t wanna stay the same, so it’s proper if you’re thinking about […]

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5 things keyword research tool can do for your online business

Are you using SEO Keyword Research Tool for online business? If you’ve just brought your business online and you’re thinking how to quickly gain customers the best tool at your disposal is the Keyword Research Tool. If you’ve never used it before, check out below what it can do for your business:  1. Your keyword […]

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Top 4 Marketing Technologies That Works for Ecommerce Business

Marketing an ecommerce is tougher than starting one. Marketing directors need to have their eye on new opportunities if they want to be more innovative. As you know if a company is performing well there is always a scope of improvement. New Year always comes up with a fresh start and new trends to take […]

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What you should know when buying stuff online from Nigeria

 It sounds easy for people in Nigeria to buy goods from abroad and ship those to Nigeria. Sometimes, electronic goods can be bought on the cheap side from online stores, some of them in China. You just have to place the order and wait for a few days for your order to arrive. Remember that […]

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