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Bitcoin as a poison – investment chief

Bitcoin is heading towards $10,000 again, despite comments from the US billionaire Charles Munger who described the digital currency as “noxious poison”. Munger, the vice-chairman of Warren Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, said he considered the bitcoin craze to be “totally asinine”. Read the story here

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Blockchain and Bitcoin: How the revolution started

What is Blockchain? In a simple term, it is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. Moreover by allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, […]


Fall of Bitcoin. Is it headin 0?

Bitcoin has not had a good past few months. I am not going to take all the credit, but I did write my post “Why I Would Bet Against Bitcoin” on December 16, and the very next day Bitcoin began it’s tumble that has brought it down 50% in value. As far as calling a peak […]

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Bitcoin Billionaires turn millionaires as the cryptocurrency fall

ast week, Forbes Magazine, known for tracking the world’s most wealthy individuals, published a new rich list. The “Crypto billionaire’s club”, a who’s who of those who have the most valuable stakes in cryptocurrency, looked like the coming of age for a new wave of tech geeks who had become extraordinarily wealthy. At the top of the […]


Engineers at Russia’s top nuclear research facility detained for attempts to mine bitcoin on its computers

Engineers at Russia’s top nuclear research facility have reportedly been detained after they attempted to mine bitcoin on its computers. Several employees at Russia’s nuclear centre in the city of Sarov have been detained after making “an attempt to use the work computing facilities for personal ends, including for so-called mining”, a spokeswoman for the […]

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How to Make Money with Bitcoin Mining on Hashflare – Earn $2000 per Day (Video)

Watch the video Disclaimer: We urge you to make your extensive research before you invest in any make-money opportunity.

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Lies that Bitcoin and Altcoin users tell themselves

The formula for market capitalization is simple, but deceiving: multiply the number of Bitcoin (or any altcoin) in existence by the market value of such a coin, and voila! A number that represents…what, exactly? As I write this, Bitcoin’s market cap is over a quarter of a trillion dollars. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s […]


Wrong way to invest in Nigeria – Bitcoin

THE Senate, has begun probe into the proliferation of digital currency, bitcoin, and ponzi schemes in Nigeria. Senate Chamber The Senate mandated the Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, APC, Kwara South-led Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions to investigate the viability of bitcoin as a form of investment, come up with recommendations on how […]

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How to invest and make money with Bitcoin

By Petar Kotevski Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system designed by Satoshi Nakamoto. The software-based currency was released to the public in 2009. Since then, updates and improvements have been made by a network of developers, partially funded by the Bitcoin Foundation. So how can you be part of the action? Investing in Bitcoin for the Average Joe The simplest way […]

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62 Insane Facts About Bitcoin (Infographic for 2017)

Source: bitcoinplay

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Top 3 things making Bitcoin worthwhile

Fast peer-to-peer transactions Worldwide payments Low processing fees Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, […]

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Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: What you need to know

    We know more about Bitcoin but are there other very important things we need to know about Ethereum? The Primary Difference Between Ethereum And Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide Today’s hype surrounding Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technologies rivals the dot-com bubble in the 90s. There is a lot of money pouring into this […]

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How to earn free bitcoins online every day

The first step… Grab Bitcoin account from Coinbase. It’s fast. Earn bitcoin for every task that you complete, and get paid automatically within hours. . The second step… Create Bitcoin Address 2. You will need this for all transactions. It looks something like:  1LgK4rXXi……………………..Epywm3rTs The Third step… Head over to this page 3. Just enter […]

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Payza links up with Bitcoin

This news broke on September 7, 2017… The Paypal-like platform Payza recently announced they have a new Bitcoin address manager feature. This allows Payza users to generate their own public bitcoin addresses and QR codes. Their press release stated these are multi-use addresses. Users can generate as many as they want and always receive funds at the […]

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Best ways to earn Bitcoin online

Every day, Bitcoin the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin the technology gets more popular. When in 2011 you had to write a person from the other continent to order a pizza for you with Bitcoins, now you can do something like that in a number of major cities. In some countries like the Netherlands, the entire towns […]

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Check out Russia’s first Bitcoin arrest

Police in Russia arrested three men last week, charging them with illegally trading 500 million rubles (around $9 million) worth of bitcoin, the first criminal case against bitcoin sales in the country, Vedomosti reported. The arrests in Kostroma, 260 miles northeast of Moscow, demonstrate the government’s desire to crack down on money laundering, presenting a challenge to a country that […]

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How can I get my Bitcoin address?

Getting a Bitcoin address with a Coinbase wallet is as easy as 1,2,3! Sign up with Coinbase here: Go to the Addresses Section here: Click ‘Create New Address’ Any address you create here will remain associated with your Coinbase account forever. You can generate as many addresses as you like. Click the “Details” button next […]


See how much Arbitrade buys four gold casts of Nelson Mandela’s hands

Canadian crypto-currency exchange firm Arbitrade bought four casts from South African businessman Malcolm Duncan. The firm said it planned to launch a global “Golden Hands of Nelson Mandela” tour to educate young people about the anti-apartheid icon’s life. This is the first time artefacts of Mr Mandela have been sold in bitcoin. Mr Mandela was jailed […]

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Cryptocurrencies not legal tenders in Nigeria – CBN

Further to the circular issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on January 12, 2017, to Banks and other financial institutions on virtual currency operations in Nigeria, the Bank wishes to reiterate that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripples, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Onecoin, etc and Exchanges such as NairaEx are not licensed or regulated by […]


Digi Tech: Orange and OpenClassrooms partner to train young Africans

Telecommunication company Orange and online education plattform OpenClassrooms have signed an agreement to provide digital training in Africa. Several Orange subsidiaries in Africa are already working on the launch of training centres providing online courses via OpenClassrooms. To rise to the challenge of the digital revolution in Africa, students and teachers alike need to be […]


IDC Data: Cryptocurrencies spending rises in 2018

Spending on blockchain solutions in the Middle East and Africa is set to more than double this year, according to the latest insights from International Data Corporation. The global technology research and consulting firm’s recently launched Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide shows spending in the region totaling $80.8 million for 2018, up 107% on the […]

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A look at ICOs from a Nigerian perspective

In January, SureRemit a Nigerian non-cash remittance startup raised $7 million through an initial coin offering (ICO). The ICO financing round was backed by  South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency fund Hashed, which has previously backed several blockchain and blockchain-enabled projects like Airswap, Ethereum, and Simple Token. SureRemit is the first in West Africa and Nigeria and […]

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1st African cryptobank set to launch in Nigeria

A brand new cryptocurrency coin is launching with the mainstream African user in mind. KureCoinHub, a self-service banking platform built into a decentralised system based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It has been described as the largest cryptocurrency project in Africa. KureCoin was created as an investment solution to help Africans rise above the […]

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Cryptocurrencies rising despite claims they are ponzi

Read the full story here

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Zloadr, Guardian newspaper to deliver crypto news to Nigerians

In a move that will connect up to one million Nigerians with the latest crypto news and investment opportunities, Zloadr has officially signed a deal with a top Lagos newspaper. The Guardian newspaper in Nigeria is one of the leading African publication that currently attracts around one million visitors to its site each month. New […]

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Cryptocurrencies: Beware of scammers

I got this email that I want to share with you because I believe that like me you may have been ripped off by people who tell you there’s money to make there… Read the email below: As of late, I’ve had a lot to say about cryptocurrencies…  in fact the entire marketplace has had a […]

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