4 things to do if you must succeed at affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing doesn’t work for everyone but you can make it work for yourself.

1. Take for example, if its promoting as an affiliate, is recommended that you use your website or blog. If  you have a Facebook group/page that is related with the product you  are trying to promote use that too. If you know forums related to that product also forums that allow affiliate link, then use that too.

2. JVzoo affiliate is harder but now if you have a very large email list then this is a different situation where you generate good money if you have a very large email list.

3. You could always use forum signatures to advertise your product.
However, you have to be careful – because some forums don’t allow
affiliate links. In that case, you would have to link to an in-
between blog etc.. and put your affiliate link there.

4. Oh, by the way, there is also blog commenting. Note, blog
commenting might not get as many eyeballs as guest posting, but
it’s probably worth the trouble.

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