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More often than not, our main purpose of wearing a perfume is just to smell nice and fresh, not putting it into consideration if the other person likes the fragrance or not.

It is however important to know what type of perfume to wear to the office, social or even religious gatherings. We should always remember that not all perfumes are appealing to the person standing right next to us.

Your perfume might just be repulsive.

It is easier to tell if your perfume is pleasant or not because of the reactions you would get from those around you. There are different types of perfumes and they are dependent on the amount of concentration of aromatic compounds. Pure perfume contains 15-40% aromatic compound. Espirit de Parfum ( ESdP) contains 15-30% aromatic compounds.

Eau de Parfum contains 10-20% aromatic compounds Eau de toilette contains 1-15% aromatic compounds Eau de cologne contains 3-8% aromatic compounds.

It is important to note that most women fragrances have a higher level of aromatic compounds than that of men. Women’s fragrances are mostly in concentration of Eau de perfume and Eau de toilette.  Application Perfume can be described in a musical metaphor as having three beats which carefully acknowledges the evaporation process of the perfume.

Interestingly, diet has a lot to do with enhancing the longevity of the perfume when applied to your skin, eating spicy and fatty foods can increase the intensity of a fragrance.


The head note/ Top note, is perceived immediately on application of the perfume and consists of light molecules which evaporate quickly. This forms a person’s initial impression of a perfume.  The middle note/heart, note emerges just prior to the dissipation of the top note which acts to mask the often initial unpleasant impression of the bass note which becomes pleasant with time. The base note appears close to the departure of the middle note and brings depth and solidity to a perfume.

Compounds of this class of scent are typically rich and deep. They are not usually perceived until 30mins after application. Interestingly, diet has a lot to do with enhancing the longevity of the perfume when applied to your skin, eating spicy and fatty foods can increase the intensity of a fragrance.

Skin types such as: Oily and dry also has an effect on the fragrance; the former will hold the fragrance much longer than the later. Over the years, researchers have been able to develop and advance the production of perfumes, from flowers-made perfumes with floral scents to perfumes with woody smells, sometimes you may accidentally buy a perfume that smells like leather, honey or tobacco, citrus, fruity and gourmand. Perfumes can be applied on various body parts and areas such as: behind ears, nape of the neck, wrist, elbow and knees. Sometimes, ignorantly a lot of folk’s abuse wearing perfume excessively, perfume should be worn moderately- a few spray of it on your skin is just enough to last for the whole day- that is it depends on the aromatic compounds contained in it.

The major reason for wearing a perfume is to neutralize body odor; that is if you have one and it is no crime to wear perfume if you don’t have, the choice is yours. Most feminine perfumes have more aromatic compounds than that of the men. Perfume can be worn at any time of the day as long as you are stepping out to a public function or the office Remember, do not over do it, but be moderate at all times.