#Webmasters: How to make your blog grow

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#1 Stick to one task at a time


Pick 2-3 goals a quarter depending on how ambitious you are.

Decide on what specific actions you are going to take to achieve each goal? And here’s the key thing: Focus on actions that you can directly influence.

It’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it.

#2 Get things done when they matter most


Always set a launch date. You will move through hoops to get it done. Get a minimum viable product down and beta-test it on a platform like Gumroad.

Even if you end up being wrong or you don’t get the results that you had originally hoped for, taking action and making mistakes along the way is more beneficial than not moving at all.

#3 Don’t be distracted by money-making ideas

There’s so much pressure to monetize when you’re just taking baby steps on your blogging journey.

No, you shouldn’t be stuck in the content wheel forever but it’s also important to understand your audience well enough to deliver a good product that they want (not something you think they need)

#4 Cut out a definite and clear direction

Would you board a plane knowing that your pilot didn’t have the itinerary or map needed to navigate the plane to your destination?

Of course not.

That would just be silly.

You can apply these to blogging and and online business too. These goals usually have a time-frame of 5, 10, 15 years.

It keeps you from worrying over mindless statistics. Now stats, are important. But if you’re fussing over your page views and comments when you’re just 3 months old, you’re taking your mind away from things that actually grow your blog.

#5 Really connect with your readers

There’s a disconnect between your audience and the content you’re creating.

Now, not everyone who visits your site is going to be of the same experience level. You’re going to get readers of different personas.

A persona is a reader profile that you’ve crafted. And that person is as good as real. They exist among your readers.

And what connects each of these personas is their desires and aspirations towards that ‘change’ that you’re helping them achieve. And every piece of content on your blog should sell a change.

To do that you need to be dialled into their needs. Think about these questions:

See you at the top!