Most successful industries you can work for in 2017

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1. The most attractive industries

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, over a quarter (27%) of the professionals surveyed claimed that Government/ Civil Service is the industry with highest job security. This was followed closely by Military/Defense/Police at 26%.

The industry that emerged as the one that offers the best salary packages in the region is the Banking/ Finance/ Accounting industry, according to 22% of the respondents in the MENA, and 29% of respondents in the Levant specifically.

Another important factor for many professionals is best work-life balance. The Government/ Civil Service industry and the Banking/ Finance/ Accounting industry emerged as the top of the list in this regard, according to 21% of respondents for each industry.

Strongest Growth industries

2. The most stressful industries

Each industry has its upsides and its downfalls, and this is true for the Banking/ Finance/ Accounting industry, which emerged as the most stressful industry in the MENA region according to 16% of respondents. This was followed closely by Real Estate/ Construction/ Property Development and Military/ Defense/ Police at 15% each. On the other hand, only 7% of professionals in the region find the Government/ Civil Service industry to be a stressful one.

A higher proportion of those living in the GCC claim that Real Estate/ Construction/ Property Development is a stressful industry to work in, at 18%, as compared to only 9% of residents in both the Levant and North Africa.

Working long hours definitely contributes to the levels of stress of any industry, and the Military/ Defense/ Police sector (16%) as well as the Oil/ Gas/ Petrochemical industry (16%), topped the list for having the longest working hours. These two industries were tailed closely by the Hospitality/ Recreation/ Entertainment industry and the Healthcare/ Medical Services industry, at 15% each.

Stressful industries

3. Highest satisfaction

When taking a look at how satisfied professionals in the MENA region are with their current/most recent industries, the respondents were significantly more satisfied in the GCC, at 45%, compared to the Levant at 36% and North Africa at 35% with their salary packages.

GCC residents are also more satisfied with their working hours (66%) than in the Levant and North Africa, 58% and 59% respectively.

In relation to work-life balance 56% of GCC respondents claimed satisfaction, compared to 48% in each of North Africa and the Levant.

As for job security 52% of MENA respondents claimed that they are satisfied.

In terms of training and development, 49% of MENA professionals said that they are either “completely satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the programs available to them, and 45% shared that they are happy with their career growth.

As for Work Culture, North Africa residents seem to be less satisfied (53%), compared to professionals in the GCC (60%) and the Levant (57%).