Why some women do better than men in business

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Jumoke Omojuwa is the MD/CEO of Spices Confectionery Ltd. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and a counselor on family matters and women. In this interview with GBENGA ADERANTI, she talks about the implications of wives earning more than their husbands, why it is likely to continue to be so and other issues.  Excerpts: 

WHAT were you doing before now?

I was working in a media outfit as an assistant manager in the finance and administration department in a Lagos based-media firm . At that  time, my marriage was young and I lost my first child immediately after birth. After some time, I got pregnant again and decided to resign to have time for my young marriage, myself and my unborn child, but I quickly became bored due to my restless nature and I started looking for what to do, in the process my natural passion for cakes blossom and I went for trainings to better equip myself on the act of making cakes. That was how Spices Confectionery came to be.

What has been the experience as a CEO?

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