Nigeria: 500 start-ups to organise the “Geek on a Plane” tour

0 Comment, Ingressive and African Technology Foundation (ATF) are  partnering about 500 start-ups to organise the “Geek on a Plane” tour, designed to showcase investment opportunities within Nigeria and Africa economic stratosphere., an e-commerce platform with 8.5 billion items for sale in more than 200 US and UK stores, is known for facilitating satisfaction for its customers with its app, was chosen for the task. In a statement, Co-founder of MallforAfrica, Tope Folayan, said: “The mall was basically chosen based on its impressive performance. When it started out about 6 years ago, the major aim was to help family and friends who shopped from the US to move their items back home. Fast forward to 2017 and MallforAfrica not only commands international encomiums from business aficionados and economic gladiators, it is now expanding the frontiers of its business horizon to the Eastern part of Africa as part of broader plans to move into 20 African countries in the next two years.”

Folayan noted that more than half of the world’s population growth between now and 2050 is predicted to be on the African continent with a rise from 1.1billion people to 2.4 billion. According to him, Kenya currently has 48 million people and saw a 33 percent increase in purchase-based queries in 2015.

In addition to this, the nation’s smartphone penetration is also a very impressive one coming third with 15 percent after South Africa (34 percent) and Nigeria (30 percent). He added that a Partech 2016 report also noted that of the top three destinations for start-up funding