Why Nigeria’s auto-policy implementation isn’t a jolly ride

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Is the automotive policy a threat to the use car market?
We are not against the policy. We want our country to be a car manufacturing country. But the mode of implementation is wrong. When you have a child that has not started crawling and you want him to start walking then you are putting him into trouble. There are countries that have done this and they made sure the sector is robust enough. They did analysis and ensured that their rail system is very good and could serve about 50 per cent of their population. In Nigeria, the infrastructure is not on ground. Do you know why the tyre manufacturing companies could not survive? We don’t have a single tyre manufacturing company in Nigeria. All we do is to bring in semi and complete knockdown parts and because of that we want to stop what is available to people. That is not good enough, we are expected to wait and see that the environment is convenient for people.

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