Talk of justice: Man who was dismissed for exposing corruption, reinstated

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A man who was sacked for exposing alleged fraud at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2016, Ntia Thompson, has been reinstated.

An assistant director in the Servicom Unit of the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (DTCA), he was first suspended on December 19, 2016.

He was dismissed on February 23, 2017, for exposing fraud to the tune of $229,000 and N800,000.

The fraud was alleged to have been committed by Mohammed Kachallah, the Director-General of DTCA. Now, with approval of the whistle-blowing policy, promising full protection and restitution for any informant against harassment, intimidation or victimisation, Thompson is told to resume work.

However, the case is currently being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).