Minimum to guage winning streak in 2019 – NLC

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medianet.infoThe Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said the issue of the new minimum wage will be a key factor in determining the outcome of the 2019 general election.

According to the labour union, workers are paying keen interest in the action of elected officials in respect of the implementation of the new minimum wage.

Workers are losing their patience and will ensure that governors and other elected officials who are campaigning against the implementation of the new minimum wage are not voted into office in 2019.

Nigerian workers will take their destiny in their hands and we are going to use these statements they are making now to determine their fate. Any governor who says N56,000 is not payable and he cannot pay salaries is hanging his own neck and the neck of the candidate his political party will present because Nigerian workers will vote against anti-progressive elements who want to go back to Government House.

Those who do not have the interest of Nigerian workers at heart, who want to enslave Nigerian workers, will not smell the government house. For those of us in the labour movement, this issue of minimum wage is critical to us. It is about life and death. N18, 000 as of today cannot buy you anything.