SON intercepts N8 billion worth of substandard electric cables



The Director-General of Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Osita Aboloma on Monday said the office captured over N8 billion worth of substandard electric cables, including that the cables are cloned forms of 20 prevalent Nigerian brands.

The cables were dispatched into Nigeria from China and were found by the requirement group of SON around two private structures in the Ajangbadi territory of Lagos State. SON said the cables were transported in by a specific Estobest Electrical Limited, which focused and cloned Nigerian Cables officially guaranteed by the organization in deceitful bundles.

Mr. Aboloma, who was spoken to by the office’s Director, Inspectorate and Compliance, Bede Obayi, said that the office had gained some ground in the range of cleaning the country’s cables showcase. He, in any case, clarified that questionable shippers were attempting to misuse that accomplishment by going abroad to clone Nigerian cables pronounced to be the best on the planet.

He noticed that the shipper chose to find the distribution center in a local place to dodge the administrative offices, including that the SON implementation group would proceed with its clamp down on questionable merchants who depend on getting substandard items.