Are you computer savvy? Read this!

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Little did I know how easy it would be using a computer. I started with a few courses in those days such as basic, dbase and excel which soon became redundant when windows made their presence.
I did not do any professional learning but got a friend to guide me. I then bought the ‘Windows for Dummies’ that had step by step guidance. That was when windows started Windows 95 I started with a half GB harddisc and today I have the hard disc that has 400 GBs. The fear of disc getting loaded used to be rampant in those days but not any more. Much water has flowed under the bridge since my first introduction to the computer world and today I can proudly say I am good at computers. I create movies, record my voice, I have a blog, scan, print, I freelance and earn online. I do online payments, I do online shopping………..the works. I am in love with my desktop and will not trade it for anything in the world. I do have to replace parts and that I am ready for. Tell us your story.


My dad was a computer science minor in college so we had a lot of computers around the house. When I was about 4 -5 years old my father and his friends opened up a business where they would teach an array of things including self-defense, how to use computers, outdoor survival among other things. So there were a lot of computers in the work building. Due to some bad choices that my dad’s business partner made, the business had to file for bankruptcy and went under. Our family ended up taking the computers into our home so we had about 20+ computers in the attic. I used to use them for building a fortress until I came of age to understand what they were. When I was about 8 my dad taught me how to use the Windows interface as well as teaching me how to use Microsoft Office. I’ve been using computers almost every day since and now I strive to become a developer. Not sure a developer of what but that will come when I find out what I like most. That’s my story at least the short all over the place version of the story.