Online transactions: PayPal vs. PayU

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Now that all banks in Nigeria are shying away from taking orders from Paypal, probably, PayU will take up the opportunity to make money from this situation.

Back in February, Guarantee Trust Bank had stopped connecting customers cards from Paypal platform and at the same time, the bank, which some Nigerians referred to as ‘the last bank standing’ removed all naira ATM cards from Paypal.

This presents a huge opportunity for PayU to take hold of some customers who were once loyal to GTBank. Customers of GTBank reveal that they are still able to use the services of Paypal with their dollar MasterCards.

At the present time, PayU has saved a lot of Nigerians by making it possible for them to pay for their Facebook ads without bothering about naira or dollar cards.

Eulogizing the services of PayU, a customer made this comment on LinkedIn: “I just read the article. Thank you for sharing. Interestingly, PayU has been invaluable to me as a social media marketer. Because of Nigeria’s current Dynamic Currency Conversion restrictions on bank cards, I found it was the only way to pay in Naira for Facebook Advertising.”

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