Disc Harrow: accessories attachable to Agric Tractor

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Disc Harrow is one of the accessories attachable to Agric Tractor for mechanized farming. It is basically a farm implement that is used to till the soil for planting of crops. It  can also be used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. The discs are often made of carbon steel and sometimes the longer-lasting boron discs with many varying concavities and disc blade sizes and spacing which is determined by final result based on the soil type.

There are different sizes of disc harrow ranging from light to heavy-duty harrows. The heavy duty disc harrow is mainly used to break up virgin land, to chop material/residue, and to incorporate it into the top soil while the lighter secondary disc harrows help completely incorporate residue left by a primary disc harrow, eliminate clumps, and loosen the remaining packed soil.

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