Nagari integrated dairy farm: Providing food security for Nigeria

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The founder of Nagari Farms had an early start in the field of engineering and later took on to the practice of Law. He has for many years been one of the astute men involved in nation building here in Nigeria, as he was among those who drafted the 1979 constitution. Yet, his primary aim in live later became the aim of providing food security for Nigeria. This led to his owning a small farm field during Obasanjo’s administration in 1976.
There’s a need for leaders to add value to what they do and even governments these days are thinking more about adding value and the primary area where that can be done is in the agriculture sector. There are no consistent policies laid down for the sector and the small-scale is not at the center-stage of the polices implemented. This has led to some distortion in development when it comes to making agriculture a mainstay sector. Nigeria must have a specific plan of action for food sufficiency, not to talk of food reserved for export.